The Stupell Home Decor Collection Flush The Toilet Colorful Bath Wall Plaque

Teal Bathroom Decor Ideas

  Teal home decor On this page of our series on teal home decor we turn our attention to the bathroom. This page features a range of bathroom accessories all on the theme of the color teal. Included are shower curtains and mats, towels, wall decor and incidentals. Teal bathroom decor works really well on […]

Teal Home

Teal Lanterns, Candles and Candle Holders

Teal Lanterns, Candles and Candle Holders

  Teal Decor Accents When it comes to home decor sometimes you just need one or two extra elements to bring a design together. Teal lanterns, candles and candle holders have the benefit of being both functional and decorative and they can add just the right final touch. This page concentrates on bringing the color […]

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Teal Outdoors

Turquoise cabachon

What Color is Turquoise?

Turquoise, for all its resemblance to a brilliant rain-washed sky, or the clear waters of the Caribbean, is an earth color. Its greenish hues, touched with blue, may mimic the color of newborn grass. Spot the turquoise bluish colors, dotted with nature’s mix of golds and reds, on a hot house orchid. The color turquoise–or, […]

With Sea Glass, Nature Does the Polishing

With Sea Glass, Nature Does the Polishing

It may be the glint of the sun on the smooth, polished surface of the sea glass that first catches your eye. A tiny splash of color in a wide field of white sand, calling you in for a closer look. This, that first look, the first unexpected sighting of a pile of mostly aqua, […]

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Teal Fashion

Leather Jacket in Teal

Teal Boleros, Jackets and Shrugs

Spring is here and it’s time to bring some great new additions to your springtime 2015 wardrobe. Teal is a super hot and trendy color this year, and adds a great splash of color that looks good on any skin tone. Consider some pieces that are great for mixing and matching and making the most […]

Flutter-ly Fabulous Dress in Teal

Spring Fashion In Teal

If you happen to love the color teal, you’re in luck! Teal happens to be a very hot color for the Spring 2015 fashion season. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, or accessories, teal abounds this Spring, which makes for great mix and match fashionable fun! Here we take a look at some great teal finds. Girl […]

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